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...I guess we're not friends anymore? Not really sure what happened there, but I wish you all the best, and lots of luck with the upcoming wedding.

I've been considering a flock on my LJ myself, so I thought I'd post this up here for you (if you still want it) before that goes into effect. I have a few more Dethroned-related drabbles I might toss up as well, if you don't mind.

Take care, stay healthy, and keep up the great art!



My half of a trade commission, for metanomaly. This is the Dethroned universe, where she is king and all within belongs to her ;3.

Dethroned - AuctoritasCollapse )
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I lost this log, but sianne79's IM program caught it!

So here it is.

RP transcript viiCollapse )
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sianne79, I screwed up.

My computer is in the shop, and this old computer didn't have logging turned on in IM.

I fucked up and we lost the log last night.

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This is a little tidbit for my RP partner.

Takes place (presumably) directly before the backstory arc begins.

Please keep in mind that I haven't written in... a year or so. Pardon it for sucking.

Also, it's PWP, since apparently I can't write a plot unless someone else is helping me by acting out half the characters.

Lastly, the stiff prose was purposeful, but it's still poorly executed. Again, sorry.


Strange comfortsCollapse )

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RP backstory transcript viCollapse )

Aaaaand at this point I had a long post typed out and then my cable connection died. I lost internet and tv for a significant portion of the rest of the night and went and played DMC4.
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Collective artdump, NOT SAFE FOR WORK

Az/Arbiter/CiroCollapse )

Ciro deathCollapse )

Az/CiroCollapse )
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